Vereinigung der Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber Gas e. V. (FNB Gas) is the association of transmission system operators, i.e. the operators of the major supra-regional and cross-border gas pipelines in Germany.

The key task of FNB Gas is to combine and coordinate the specialist interchange of information between transmission system operators. In addition, the association cooperates closely with national and European institutions, establishments and associations in all areas related to the business activities of transmission system operators.

Apart from performing specialist coordination functions, the association represents its members as a point of contact for politicians, the media and the public. FNB Gas represents the positions of the transmission system operators and ensures that the performance capabilities and potentials of gas transmission infrastructure are presented transparently in the era of the energy transition.

The main focuses of the association’s activities are the Network Development Plan Gas, which has been drawn up by the transmission system operators since 2012, the joint capacity platform PRISMA and market area cooperation between system operators.

The Association was established at the end of 2012 and has operated an office in Berlin since April 2013.