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#Green gas

Biogas and biomethane, green hydrogen and synthetic methane are referred to as green gases and are regarded as indispensable for the success of the energy transition. Their production is based on innovative technologies that use renewable energies such as wind, solar or biomass.

11.01.2021 Presse releases

Gas Network Development Plan becomes German transparency platform for hydrogen market ramp-up

15.12.2020 Presse releases

Gas TSOs start to prepare Scenario Framework for the Gas NDP 2022-2032 with the aim of developing new gas infrastructure for hydrogen and methane in line with demand

22.06.2020 Studies

With the pipeline network to a successful implementation of the national hydrogen strategy


Transmission system operators participate in consultations at EU level on sector coupling (smart sector integration) and the European hydrogen strategy

21.04.2020 Position

Broad industrial and energy policy alliance presents specific proposals: "On the way to a competitive hydrogen market"

09.03.2020 Position

Position: General conditions for a hydrogen economy in Germany


On the subject of green gas

Renewable and decarbonised gases will be a key component of the energy transition and will play an important role in the energy mix of the future. Hydrogen serves as a clean energy carrier, e.g. for fuel cell technology. The synthetic methane produced can be used as a surrogate for natural gas and turn this green step by step, making gas a climate-neutral energy source in the long term. While biomethane and synthetic methane can easily be used as a substitute for natural gas, special conditions apply to hydrogen.

The natural gas infrastructure and numerous end uses, especially in the heating market, are already "hydrogen-ready" (DVGW G 260 / G262) up to a share of 10% by volume in natural gas. In the future, 20% by volume of hydrogen should be fed in. The DVGW estimates that a hydrogen tolerance of up to 50% by volume will be possible in the next few years. However, there are still restrictions, particularly in the industrial sector, but also in the transport sector or when used in gas turbines. In order to initiate the use of green and decarbonised gases, the TSOs recommend the prompt introduction of a “green gas quota”.

Further topics of the energy transition

#Sector coupling

#Power to gas

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