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#Sector coupling

The principle of sector coupling pursues an integrative approach that considers the entire energy system for the success of the energy transition. Linking the sectors electricity and heat supply, mobility and industrial processes as well as their infrastructures is the key to a successful energy system transformation.

11.01.2021 Presse releases

Gas Network Development Plan becomes German transparency platform for hydrogen market ramp-up


On the subject of sector coupling

Sector coupling is the intelligent linking of the areas of heat, electricity, traffic and industry and the use of the well-developed and efficient gas infrastructure (lines and storage) for the use of renewable and decarbonised gases. It is a central element for the success of the energy transition and for an economically efficient decarbonization of the various sectors. The technological key for sector coupling is power-to-gas technology.

Further topics of the energy transition

#Power to gas

#Green gas

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