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18.06.2021 Position

FNB Gas participates in the European Commission's consultations on the Hydrogen and Gas Markets Decarbonisation Package

Today the European Commission's consultation on the Hydrogen and Gas Markets Decarbonisation Package ends. FNB Gas welcomes the Commission’s initiative. As gas transmission system operators (TSOs), we are fully committed to the ambitious targets of the European Green Deal and the European Hydrogen Strategy and are eager to contribute to the energy transition with our gas infrastructure.

The Commission should address the following issues as part of its legislative initiatives.

22.06.2020 Studies

With the pipeline network to a successful implementation of the national hydrogen strategy

The federal government has presented its hydrogen strategy. The gas pipeline network is essential for the development of the hydrogen economy. In the future, parts of it will transport hydrogen.


Transmission system operators participate in consultations at EU level on sector coupling (smart sector integration) and the European hydrogen strategy

As part of the “European Green Deal”, which aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050, the European Commission has announced the adoption of a new strategy for smart sector integration. A European hydrogen strategy should also be part of this strategy. In preparation for the legislative work, two public consultations were held in May, in which the transmission system operators participated.

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Winter outlook 2020/2021


Winter review 2019/2020

Winter outlook and review

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Presse releases

21.06.2021 Presse releases

Scenario framework for the Gas Network Development Plan 2022-2032: Market partners report strong increase in demand for hydrogen and green gases

The Scenario Framework for the Gas Network Development Plan (NDP) 2022-2032 published today by the German transmission system operators (TSOs) stresses the importance of integrating hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane into the gas infrastructure.

26.05.2021 Presse releases

Gas transmission system operators (TSOs) plan to invest €7.8 billion in secure and future-proof pipeline networks

With the final Gas Network Development Plan (NDP) 2020-2030 published today, the transmission system operators are presenting their plans for secure and future-proof gas supplies in Germany. The publication concludes the Gas NDP 2020-2030 development process.

11.01.2021 Presse releases

Gas Network Development Plan becomes German transparency platform for hydrogen market ramp-up

The German gas transmission system operators (TSOs) have today launched a survey on the production of and demand for hydrogen and green gases (synthetic methane) and on capacity reservations/expansion claims pursuant to sections 38/39 of the Gas Network Access Ordinance (GasNZV), which will be included in the Scenario Framework for the Gas Network Development Plan (NDP) 2022 (for the period from 2022 to 2032).

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