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22.06.2020 Studies

With the pipeline network to a successful implementation of the national hydrogen strategy

The federal government has presented its hydrogen strategy. The gas pipeline network is essential for the development of the hydrogen economy. In the future, parts of it will transport hydrogen.


Transmission system operators participate in consultations at EU level on sector coupling (smart sector integration) and the European hydrogen strategy

As part of the “European Green Deal”, which aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050, the European Commission has announced the adoption of a new strategy for smart sector integration. A European hydrogen strategy should also be part of this strategy. In preparation for the legislative work, two public consultations were held in May, in which the transmission system operators participated.

21.04.2020 Position

Broad industrial and energy policy alliance presents specific proposals: "On the way to a competitive hydrogen market"

Industrial policy prospects for hydrogen can only be realized with a public transport infrastructure. In order to make the first hydrogen networks available as early as the middle of this decade, we must use the network development plan for gas 2020 and initiate the changes that have been submitted before this legislative period.

09.03.2020 Position

Position: General conditions for a hydrogen economy in Germany

The association of the German gas transmission system operators is co-signatory of a joint association paper.


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