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01.07.2020 Pressemitteilung

FNB network expansion proposal drives European gas market and enables implementation of National Hydrogen Strategy

  • Gas transmission system operators submit draft Network Development Plan
  • Green gas variant meets with broad approval
  • Modelling for market area merger included for the first time

With their draft Gas Network Development Plan (Gas NDP) 2020-2030, which was submitted to the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) today and has been published on the FNB Gas website, the German gas transmission system operators (TSOs) are presenting their plans for a secure gas supply in Germany. These plans also include hydrogen and the required transmission infrastructure as a central component of Germany’s decarbonisation strategy.

The public consultation resulted in 32 responses. Most of the respondents welcome the integration of green gases in the Gas NDP and the TSO's network expansion proposal. "However, it has also become clear that the legislator must now act to create planning certainty for project developers and network operators," said Inga Posch, Managing Director of FNB Gas, the association of German TSOs.

For the first time, the Gas NDP also takes into account the challenges associated with the forthcoming market area merger. "The calculations with the NewCap model show that, when required, the use of market-based instruments (MBIs) offer advantages over alternative network expansion options," said Ralph Bahke, FNB Gas chairman.

Apart from the results of the public participation process, the Gas NDP 2020-2030 also contains a number of additions to the green gas variant and an update of the timetable for the market area conversion in 2020. Assuming that the Covid-19 situation does not get any worse, the conversions scheduled across Germany for 2020 will almost go ahead as planned.

The TSOs propose to expand the transmission pipeline network by 1,746 km and to install 405 MW of new compressor capacity, which is expected to require total investments of about €8.5 billion until 2030.

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Press Release FNB Gas Publication Draft Gas NDP 2020-2030

FNB Gas e.V.

The Association of Transmission System Operators for Gas e.V. (FNB Gas) is an organisation representing the major pipeline network operators in Germany. The association was founded at the end of 2012 and has had an office in Berlin since April 2013. The main focus of the association’s work is on the gas network development plan (NDP), which has been drawn up by the gas TSOs on a regular basis since 2012. In addition the association also represents its members by acting as a contact for politics, the media and the general public.


  • FNB Gas 2020 Draft NDP
    Download / 14.86MB / PDF / FNB Gas 2020 Draft NDP
  • FNB Gas 2020 Draft Gas NDP_Executive Summary
    Download / 8.46MB / PDF / PDF FNB Gas 2020 Draft Gas NDP_Executive Summary
  • Stellungnahmen NEP Gas 2020-2030
    Download / 11.76MB / ZIP / zip-Datei Stellungnahmen NEP Gas


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