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22.07.2013 Pressemitteilung

Transmission system operators publish scenario framework for Network Development Plan Gas 2014

    • Long-term planning of market area changeover
    • Further requirements for Network Development Plan Gas
    • Supporting workshop on 30 July 2013 in Berlin

        Berlin. The German transmission system operators, whose gas transmission systems make a key contribution to the security of supplies in Germany and Europe, have published a draft scenario framework for the Network Development Plan Gas 2014. The framework lays the foundations for the preparation of the third Network Development Plan (NDP) and indicates various model variants for the German transmission system up to 2024. This is a key prerequisite for the reliable development of the natural gas system of the future in line with demand. The scenario framework has been published on the website of Vereinigung der Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber Gas e.V. (FNB Gas) at  

        Long-term planning of market area changeover

        In particular, the current draft of the scenario framework has been adapted to the results of the consultation process for the Network Development Plant 2013. For example, the model variants take into consideration the declining availability of group L gas and the investigation of the various possible group H gas delivery routes. “The market area changeover will need to be prepared well in advance together with everyone concerned in order to ensure security of supplies without any restrictions. The necessary measures must be identified and planned at an early stage,” emphasises Inga Posch, Executive Director of FNB Gas. In this context, the gas transmission system operators are investigating two variants of expected demand from downstream network operators in the current scenario framework.  

        Further requirements for Network Development Plan Gas

        The scenario framework for NDP 2014 further differentiates the concepts for efficient network expansion on the basis of smart products already presented in NDP 2013. This will depend to a large extent on the further development of the legal and regulatory framework as well as the action taken by the Federal Network Agency.  

        Furthermore, the transmission system operators welcome the approach of introducing a power to gas potential atlas which is to be developed in close cooperation with other parties concerned independently of the NDP.  

        Supporting workshop on 30 July 2013 in Berlin

        Market players are invited to take part in a supporting workshop in connection with consultation on the scenario framework for NDP 2014. The event will provide explanations and background information on the draft scenario framework. The workshop is to be held in Berlin from 10:30 AM on 30 July 2013. Further information and a registration form are available on the FNB Gas website.  

        In line with normal practice, market players also have an opportunity to submit comments on the scenario framework. Written comments should be submitted by email to by 9 August 2013, stating the organization, function and contact data of the author. Following the expiry of the submission deadline, all comments received will be forwarded to the Federal Network Agency in accordance with Section 15 A, Energy Industry Act for the assessment of the scenario framework.

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        PDF Pressemitteilung: Veröffentlichung Szenariorahmen vom 22.07.2013

        FNB Gas e.V.

        The Association of Transmission System Operators for Gas e.V. (FNB Gas) is an organisation representing the major pipeline network operators in Germany. The association was founded at the end of 2012 and has had an office in Berlin since April 2013. The main focus of the association’s work is on the gas network development plan (NDP), which has been drawn up by the gas TSOs on a regular basis since 2012. In addition the association also represents its members by acting as a contact for politics, the media and the general public.


        • Press Release: operators publish scenario framework published 22.07.2013
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