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Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) monitors compliance with the regulatory framework

An independent regulatory authority (the Federal Network Agency) is responsible for setting out the conditions governing gas transmission from the domestic production sites or border-crossing points to the German consumer. Among other things, the Federal Network Agency defines network access conditions and regulates the fees that may be charged for network access.

Like other networks, energy networks are so-called "natural monopolies". In order to prevent the abuse of monopoly power when granting access or determining network charges, natural monopolies in Germany are regulated by an independent authority. The regulatory authority for Germany as a whole is the Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway (BNetzA). As with the antitrust authorities, there are regulatory authorities at federal state level alongside the national regulatory authority. In addition to regulating network operators, the BNetzA also serves as a point of contact for consumer questions on the subject of energy.

The BNetzA plays a key role in shaping and monitoring compliance with the regulatory framework.

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