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Implementation report 2017

Implementation report 2017

Implementation report 2017



Gas transmission system operators publish Implementation Report 2017 and report on long-term capacity needs

The Implementation Report 2017 provides a detailed overview of which of the confirmed projects of the Gas Network Development Plan 2015 have already been implemented, are currently being implemented or will be implemented in the future. It also includes information on the status of the adapted and additional measures of the current network development proposal published by the TSOs in the 2nd consultation document on the Gas Network Development Plan 2016-2026 at the end of February 2017.

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Given the importance of the ongoing L/H gas conversion for the energy industry, much of the Implementation Report is devoted to the details of the planning process. "The success of the market area conversion as part of a smooth overall process is a key prerequisite for national security of supply", says Ralph Bahke, FNB Gas CEO. "An updated conversion plan, which will now be binding, has been published on the FNB Gas website for market players to check the status of planning process in their areas", explains Inga Posch, FNB Gas Managing Director.

Following the 2016 amendment to the Energy Industry Act, the TSOs will now publish an Implementation Report every odd year, for the first time on 1 April 2017. Accordingly, the TSOs' Gas Network Development Plan will be published every even year in future. 

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