Implementation Report 2017


31 March 2017

TSOs publish 2017 implementation report and statement of long-term capacity requirements


TSOs publish 2017 implementation report and statement of long-term capacity requirementsThe 2017 implementation report provides a detailed overview of which of the projects confirmed as part of the 2015 Gas Network Development Plan (NDP) have already been completed, are in progress or are yet to be carried out. In addition, the report provides up-to-date status information on the network development projects modified or added by the TSOs in producing their second consultation document on the 2016-2026 NDP, which was published at the end of February 2017.

Given the importance for the German energy industry, the implementation report also provides detailed information on the current plans for the gas quality switchover works planned or under way to  convert low calorific value gas (“low CV gas”) to high CV quality. “Successful delivery of the gas quality switchover works within the framework of a smooth overall process is one of the key prerequisites for ensuring our national supply security,” comments Ralph Bahke, chairman of the board of the TSO association FNB Gas. Inga Posch, managing director of FNB Gas, adds: “Now that we have published updated information on which switchover areas have been bindingly announced on the FNB Gas website, market participants can learn all about the switchover works currently planned.”

In accordance with the amendments to the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) enacted in 2016, the TSOs will from now on produce an implementation report on the NDP in each odd-numbered year, with the first one being the one published by 1 April 2017. The NDP itself will only be produced in even-numbered years in future.

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