Implementation Report 2019


01 April 2019

Gas transmission system operators publish Implementation Report on 2018-2028 Gas Network Development Plan


A total of 16 projects worth € 840 million described in the 2018-2028 Gas Network Development Plan have been commissioned: three pipeline projects totalling 113 kilometres, five compressor projects with a capacity of 146 MW and eight gas metering and pressure regulating stations.

In their 2019 Implementation Report, the gas TSOs report on the progress of a total of 142 projects while also providing an update on modified, cancelled and delayed projects.

Given its significance for the energy industry, the 2019 Implementation Report also includes an in-depth review of the current L/H gas conversion plan. To date, 300,000 L-gas appliances have been successfully switched to H-gas. The conversion plan has been updated and the areas to be converted by 2026 have largely been agreed with the distribution system operators. The ongoing dialogue between the German and Dutch gas TSOs has continued to help take account of the planning assumptions in both countries.

Detailed information on the 2019 Implementation Report is available in the NDP Gas Database (

Also published today is the quarterly update of the binding list of changeover areas on its website under the heading Market area conv.

Implementation Report 2019 in German (Download)


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