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Market area conversion from L-gas to H-gas

The conversion of the German L-gas areas to H-gas is one of the biggest challenges for the long-term security of gas supply in Germany.

The reason for the conversion is the sharp decline in L-gas production both in Germany and in the Netherlands. As a result, service areas currently supplied with L-gas are gradually being converted to H-gas. The transmission system operators (TSOs) have drawn up conversion plans, which are continuously updated in cooperation with local distribution system operators. The Gas Network Development Plan (Gas NDP) contains a detailed timetable for the conversion of market areas still supplied with L-gas to H-gas. In addition, the TSOs publish the announced conversion areas and their expected conversion months.

Technical background

Parts of the German gas market are supplied with low-calorific gas (L-gas). L-gas comes exclusively from German and Dutch sources, while all other supplies (pipeline gas from Denmark, Norway/North Sea, and Russia as well as LNG) are high-calorific natural gas (H-gas). The two different gas groups have to be transported in separate systems for technical and statutory calibration reasons. Customers currently supplied with L-gas will only be able to use H-gas if their gas appliances have been adapted accordingly.

Conversion planning

The current conversion plan has been published in the Implementation Report on the Gas 2020-2030 Network Development Plan. It includes

  • Germany-wide as well as market-area-wide L-gas capacity and volume balances taking account of local conditions up until 2030
  • an overview of the L/H-gas conversion areas in each year
  • maps of the L/H-gas conversion areas
  • the number of appliances to be adjusted up until 2030
  • the cumulative number of appliances to be adjusted up to 2030

A detailed allocation of network points to the conversion areas and their conversion times can be found in the gas database of the Network Development Plan.

Announced conversion areas

This table, last revised on 1 July 2020 (closing date 1 June 2020), shows all conversion areas for which the conversion dates have already been set. It is updated by transmission system operators every quarter. The table also contains information on interdependencies between the conversion areas and the currently planned technical conversion months.

Market area conversion charge

According to Section 19a of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), the costs incurred by network operators for the necessary, permanent conversion of L-gas service areas to H-gas are passed on to all network users throughout Germany in the form of a specific "conversion levy" which the transmission system operators add to their exit fees.

Further information

Please use the following links for further information on the L/H-gas conversion:

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