Gas transmission

Natural gas is a natural resource which is normally not found in areas where demand is highest. It needs to be transported from gas fields in various countries or the delivery points of gas suppliers to regional consumption centers. For national and international gas transport, the member companies of FNB Gas operate a gas transmission system with a total length of about 40,000 km. This system establishes connections to downstream transmission and distribution systems, major industrial customers, power plants and storage facilities.

Large volumes of gas are carried by transmission pipelines with diameters up to 140 cm. Gas is transmitted to Germany at pressures of up to 100 bar over considerable distances from Russia, Norway and the Netherlands. Pipelines also carry gas through Germany to neighbouring EU countries. Compressor stations installed at distances between 100 and 200 km ensure that the gas pressure remains stable over these considerable distances. Gas customers receive gas via the downstream networks of almost 700 distribution system operators.

Germany as a gas transmission market

Over the past few years, there have been fundamental changes in the basic conditions for the gas transmission market. Especially the third EU Single Market Legislative Package and the associated amendments to the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) as well as incentive regulation in the gas sector have had considerable impact on this development.

For historical reasons, there are considerable differences between the structures of the German gas transmission market and other European markets. The German market was not organized primarily by the state but grew over many decades from regional systems in the private sector. While there are currently 16 transmission system operators in Germany, there are seven in Austria, two in France and only one each in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In addition, Germany has the most complex gas distribution systems in Europe with almost 700 operators of regional gas distribution systems.


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